Hand Gun Cabinet

Are your important assets and resources used efficiently? It‘s often all to easy too lose track of who has what hand gun, when it is last used and especially the condition that it is returned in.

Hand Gun Cabinet

Are your important assets and resources used efficiently? It‘s often all to easy too lose track of who has what hand gun, when it is last used and especially the condition that it is returned in..

 LoxTop Hand Gun Cabinet systems identify who has your essential assets by controlling who has them with full audit and reporting capabilities. Users are identified by card, pin or biometrics allowing them to only take the hand guns that they are authorised to have. The hand gun cabinet portfolio offers different compartment sizes, which can be freely combined with one another to create the desired system solution. An RFID chip installed in or attached to the device allows the user to remove or return the device simply by placing it against a compatible reader with integrated antenna, the device is then automatically identified in the compartment. An LED lights up to indicate successful removal/return. It is also possible to safely store and manage different hand guns in the same hand gun cabinet. In the hand gun cabinet the control terminal allows for full flexibility giving the option of having multiple hand gun cabinets controlled from a single point or multiple control terminals controlling the same set of cabinets, this is an important consideration where disability discrimination regulations need to be met. Reliably safeguard hand guns with or without ammunition: each individual compartment is electronically monitored so that authorized users only are able to gain access. Powerful software and intelligent asset management maximize asset availability and help to optimize inventory. Saving money and valuable time with the hand gun cabinets, as well as reducing the cost of replacements ensures a rapid return on investment. All hand gun cabinets are supplied with built-in battery that helps when power failure occurs.

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The aim of the LoxTop is to provide key management, key tracking, key security and key management system, the different RFID based intelligent storage systems, accessing systems, also to provide highly innovative and high service content and quality products and services on the electronic security and safety equipment market, as well as the quality controlled methods to be suitable for the American and European markets and for the costumers expectations from the international regions.
LoxTop™ Factory
Factory's Testing Area

Management principles

  • Specify the definition and documentation of customer requirements
  • Effective management of development projects
  • Accurate identification and control of service processes
    to ensure proper quality product and service during the production
  • Effective communication with our partners and systems
  • Long-term technical support for our partners
  • Precise determination the duties and tasks of our employees
  • All aspects of business requirements should be confirmed

We formed and maintain an effective organizational structure, which has been made stable by reliable and professional staff in the managing and producer positions.

The LoxTop is committed to the efficient operation of the system, to satisfying the needs of our clients with the key management products, to ensure the quality of service, and to provide effective communication with our partners.


We use the latest microelectronic devices, equipments and developments, with the application of these high reliability and high-tech equipment key management system delivered to our customers.

The hardware and software for the key management system is fully developed by our partner company called LoxTop, which enables us to meet costumer's specific individual needs and expectations. We can serve our clients flexibly, can adapt to the current situation.

The testing of the products takes place in the LoxTop's own factory. The vendored equipments, systems, and the operating hardwares, devices and also the softwares programs are under continuous development and takes into consideration of our partner's needs.


We provide the following services for our installed systems

  • System Support
  • 24 hours of continous support service under warranty and post-warranty
  • Maintenance within a maintenance contract
  • Non contractual case repair
  • Periodic verification
  • Improvement / Repair under warranty and replacement of assets

If the client contributes, or rather the technical access is possible, in this case we are monitoring the maintained or system supported security systems through our computerized monitoring system. Hereby the the troubleshooting can be solved remotely, what reduces the prevention time and cost. 

In our products we use the the most recent micro-electronical devices, equipments, improvements, with this help we deliver high reliability and high tech equipments and systems for our costumers. 

The main directions of our development

  • Development, manufacture, and transportation of different monitoring and automation systems, support system
  • Measuring data storage systems (villamos, gas, heat) remote reading
  • Building engineering and surveillance systems
  • Video-monitoring systems
  • Gas and fire detection systems
  • Person and vehicle access control systems
  • Key Management System
  • Biometric identification (face identification)
  • License plate number identification
  • RFID-based commodity tracking and logistic applications
  • GPS-based positioning systems
  • Key management system
  • Key tracking
  • Key cabinets
  • Key locker system
  • Intelligent storage system
  • Monitoring system
  • RFID hardware and software solutions
  • Software systems
  • Identification and tracking systems


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